How Cashback Sites Give You Money for Shopping

This digitally revolutionizing environment comes with its own share of cyber scams and online frauds, which often makes people think twice and be sceptical towards websites that offer free cash.

But some websites are legitimate, and that is what cashback sites are all about, you spend money to earn money. These cashback sites are shopping portals that enable the shopper to get a certain amount of their cash back, on every purchase made. The process is simple, the user goes to the cashback website of their choice, signs up, and then accesses the retailer’s website through their website, like a shopping portal, then continue shopping as normal. After each order is placed and payment is made, the cashback website verifies the transaction and accumulates cash, based on the purchase made and the cashback deal offered by the retailer, into the user’s account that they can withdraw later on in the form of bank checks, gift cards or have the amount sent to their bank accounts.

Where the money comes from

The cashback site works on commission with retailers, they get a specified sum of amount from each paying customer they bring to the retailer, out of which a sum is paid to the customer.

For example, let’s say a customer purchased a product worth AED100 from a retailer through a cashback site, the retailer gets AED100, then pays the AED14 commission agreed between the retailer and the cashback site, out of that AED14, the cashback site gives AED7 back to the customer.

cashback sites also make money by promoting the merchant’s products on their website which helps them get more customers and increase website traffic. cashback sites also give you a bonus if you spread the word and refer them to your friends and family. You can do this by sending an email through the website’s referral page.

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