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Smart Ways to Save Money When You Are Shopping Online

We are living in a fast-paced, ever-growing digital world, which is constantly making our everyday tasks easier and more convenient, like shopping. Now instead of physically going to a store, searching for a parking spot, standing in queues, you can shop online at the comfort of your home, in your pyjamas on the couch. Although that is a big perk, it’s not the only part to love, we’re always looking for ways to find a bargain wherever possible, if you shop wisely and find the right deals, you can end up saving a good chunk of money.

Here are a few clever ways to save money while shopping online.

1. Compare Prices

Shopping online makes it easy to compare prices from one store to another, to avoid overpaying and scoring the best deals online. You can use price comparison tools that are available online, for example Google Shopping. These price comparison engines help you collect product information, including prices, shipping choices and any discounts or coupons available from multiple retailers, all on one single page, helping you find the right deal that has the best offer overall.

2. Keep items in your wish list or shopping cart

Most websites alert you through a push notification or an email when the price of an item drops, that is already in your shopping cart. This way you can avoid making an impulse purchase for a higher price. Plus, most retailer’s hate unclosed deals so they try to retain their customers by offering deals, therefore, rushing into a purchase is never a smart idea. To avail this opportunity, you need to make sure you have an account on the website and you are logged in while the items are in your cart.

3. Use Coupons

It is easy to find free coupons online. Groupon is a coupon site that offers discount vouchers from many retailers all over the world, and a very useful site to check regularly before making a purchase. Sign up to newsletters and coupon sites to stay informed. Some websites will send you coupons every now and then or to notify you through email or SMS about upcoming sales, special discounts or daily deals, so make sure to stay up to date. Many retailers have discount offers on the first order placed, the moment you sign up.

4. Cashback Websites

Cashback sites like,, are a great way to get some real cash back every time you are making a purchase. These cashback sites are shopping portals that offer cash back deals when you click to their site to go to a retailer’s site to make a purchase, you either receive a percentage of the total purchase price, or a fixed sum paid out for each monetary action. It is kind of like a loyalty program, but instead of getting points, you get real hard cash back. This is a great way for regular online shoppers to get a certain amount of their cash back on each purchase they make.

5. Beat Delivery Charges

Most of the time, when you are done shopping online, and you head to check out, the shipping charges can really bite you. Most retailers offer free delivery after your order reaches a certain limit, for example, “Spend a total of AED200 to get FREE Shipping”, so if you are a few bucks away, it may be worth spending a little more and getting another item or two, instead of paying the same amount or more for just getting it delivered to you. If you don’t want to spend more, then you could pick up your order from a local store and avoid the delivery charges completely.

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