How does cashback cart work?

As the name says it, customers have the chance to earn cashback on shopping through the various stores that are available on the cashback cart website. By using cashback discounts from your favorite store, your cashback will show up in your cashback wallet. Become a member to avail these benefits to their full extent and enjoy a shopping experience better than ever.

What does it cost to use cashback cart?

It costs AED 99 per year to be a cashback cart member, by paying this fairly affordable price, you will receive an overwhelming sum of benefits that will leave you confused on whats your best option.

Does cashback cart sell products?

No, we do not sell any tangible product, only a service. However, we do show a range of products sold by various stores and brands around the UAE on our website.

How do i find my favorite stores?

No problem! Follow the steps below to reset your password:

If you are looking for a specific retailer or brand, please use the search bar to see if we have any offers pertaining to that brand. Alternatively, you can browse through our various other brand offers and identify on that may cater to your needs.

How will i receive my cashback amount?

Cashback cart collaborates with all the stores you see on our website. These stores pay us a commission when you use our offers, and we share this commission with you, in the form your cashback! Don’t you love a win-win situation just as much as we do?

I have other questions I don’t see answered here, help?

If you find yourself asking this question, please contact us using the email and phone number provided at the bottom of this web page, and feel free to ask any questions you have about the cashback cart website.

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